Metallocene Polyethylenes - SK Chemicals Nexlene™ and their full line of POE, mLLDPE, mMDPE

Pacific High Tech Ltd. is the leading supplier of metallocene based polyethylenes known as Nexlene™ in USA and Canada, manufactured by global leader SK Chemicals in South Korea.

SK Chemicals Nexlene™ is a comprehensive line of metallocene octene-based very high quality PE servicing a variety of unique, high performance applications including:

- POE, Polyolefin Elastomer, Solumer™

- POP, Polyolefin Plastomer, Supreme™

- mLLDPE, metallocene linear low density PE, Smart™

- mMDPE, metallocene medium density PE, Smart™

The process technology is based on adjusting molecular weight distribution and co-monomer distribution resulting in PE with superior physical properties. The technology competes with Dow Chemical, ExxonMobil Chemical and Mitsui Chemicals.

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